Charging station manufacturing. We design and manufacture our charging stations in France.

Being an installer and designer of charging stations allows us to offer you a faster installation by limiting the intermediaries. A tailor-made and turnkey offer, designed for professionals.

The specialist in electric charging stations ⚡️

100% renewable energy

We guarantee the green origin of the energy supplied by our charging stations. With our control module, you use the power delivered by your photovoltaic panels or, without equipment, we send you a certificate of origin: the kWh are deducted from a wind turbine in the Hauts de France.

Made in France with care

All the electrical wires inside our bollards are cut and crimped by people with disabilities. By calling on local partners, by recruiting people in social integration, by working with ESATs, by choosing wood rather than plastic, we ensure that we are consistent with our values.

Staying human today

We'll take the time to listen to your needs and find a tailor-made solution that suits you - promise: just give us a call. By installing what we build, we can guarantee commissioning in 20 days, delivered on time with a smile.

Our products

Charging station

Wall-mounted or free-standing, in wood or aluminium, choose our charging stations made in France.

TOSSO solar charging station

Fuel from the sky. Turn your electric fleet into a solar fleet.

As a designer / manufacturer / installer of charging stations, it is our engineers who train our installers and sales representatives in the specificities of our charging station and our Tosso.
At RossiniEnergy, your interlocutors know the field and will be able to answer you.

They trust us as a charging station installer

In the end, the purpose of work, even the humblest service, [...] is always man himself.

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