22kw charging station

The 22kW charging point is the most powerful AC charging point. It offers accelerated charging, allowing a 30 kWh battery to be filled in 1.5 hours.

⚠️ Tesla cars and many other vehicles are not suitable for 22 kW power. If your vehicle only accepts 7kW or 11kW, don’t worry, the terminal computer will adapt its power accordingly.

💡 Please note: a three-phase electrical installation is required for this model.

These charging stations are compatible with our charging station management software.


22kw = 96A

Installation included

Type 2 cable

2 year warranty


Dimensioned protections for the electrical installation

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Optional with this terminal:

  • 2 charging points
  • Dynamic power control according to building consumption (load shedding)
  • Online payment
  • User accounts
  • Supervision interface
  • Load balance between vehicles

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